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An opportunity for the YSL.IO community to purchase xYSL ahead of the ILO

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Hello YSL.IO community 👋🏻

Since the announcement of our newest x-tremely deflationary xYSL token just under a week ago, we have received not only an amazing amount of feedback from the community, but also plenty of interest from investors looking to join the OTC Swap event and secure themselves some xYSL before the ILO. 🎉

On the back of that feedback, we’ve realised that there are also plenty of investors who truly believe in the future of xYSL and would like to directly purchase a specific amount of xYSL to add to their portfolio. After discussing the issue with our community advisors and investors, the YSL.IO team has decided to improve on the xYSL distribution events by introducing the new xYSL Community Sale!

This article will therefore dive into everything you need to know about the xYSL Community Sale. At the end we’ll also address several questions regarding the xYSL airdrop that have been popping up quite frequently in the Telegram channel so make sure to read all the way to the end!

As always, there’s plenty to cover so lets get cracking! 🚀

The xYSL Community Sale

While the ILO offered everyone the opportunity to purchase xYSL, the feedback we’ve received from the community can largely be split into two groups:

  • There were quite a few investors who strongly believed in xYSL’s business case and wanted to purchase more than the ILOs 4000 BUSD upper limit.
  • Many in our community didn’t appreciate the uncertainty involved with the ILO, as it wasn’t clear how many people had already filled out the form before you. In addition, in order to host the ILO with Unicrypt, one of the conditions imposed on us was that Unicrypts’ community be given priority access to the sale. These 2 factors combined meant that there was no guarantee you (a YSL.IO community member) would receive the amount of xYSL you would ideally like to purchase.

To rectify this, the xYSL community sale event was created and will be split into two parts - A Private Sale and a Public Sale. These 2 xYSL Sale events are the 3rd and final method in which an investor can “purchase” xYSL without having to pay the 12.5% transaction fee. They will be a one-off events similar to the OTC swap, airdrop and ILO events covered here in this article.

xYSL Allocation

20,000 xYSL tokens at a price of $40 each will be allocated to these sale events, the same 20,000 originally reserved for the ILO. Once both sale events have concluded, any remaining xYSL will then be used for the ILO, following the same first come first served whitelist rules outlined in our previous article. This also means that there is a distinct possibility that the ILO might be cancelled should the sale events prove popular with the community and all 20,000 xYSL is purchased.

This is a benefit we’d like to offer to you, the YSL.IO community who have stuck by us since Day 1. The private and public sales essentially allow investors who are engaged enough with our announcements and social media channels (and thus find out about these events in time) to skip the ILO process entirely.

1️⃣ Private Sale (6th Sept - 10th Sept)

The Private Sale was created to cater to larger investors who have shown an interest in purchasing sizeable sums of xYSL. As such, there are several limitations placed on investors who intend to participate:

Minimum 4000 BUSD Requirement

While there will be a minimum requirement of 4000 BUSD in order to purchase xYSL during the Private Sale, there is no maximum cap set at this stage. We’ve observed that many of our larger investors are put off when any form of cap is implemented, though we will continue to monitor and update the rules if necessary.

Based on current feedback, we’re currently entertaining sales of up to $50,000 worth of xYSL and don’t expect any investors to want to purchase any more than that.

Short Window of Opportunity ⏰

As mentioned above, this private sale is geared towards members of our own community. As such, there will be a very short window of opportunity for interested investors to participate. The private sale will begin on the 6th of September 2021 (12am UTC) and last a short 4 days, ending on the 10th of September 2021 (12am UTC).

Similar to the Swap and ILO events, the private sale will be conducted on a first come first-served basis. Everything will be tracked on a Google Sheet that will show you exactly how many xYSL have already been purchased and how many are left up for grabs.

How do I participate in the Private Sale?

The process for doing so is quite simple and has been streamlined even more so than the Swap event. There is no need to first contact Simran Dhillon and wait for his confirmation like with the Swap Event.

👉 Simply send the amount of BUSD you’d like to purchase xYSL (remember each xYSL is $40) with to the following wallet address:


👀 Ensure that your contribution for the private sale is a minimum of 4,000 BUSD. Any transactions below this requirement will have 10 BUSD subtracted from the total amount and the remaining sum returned to the original wallet address of the sender.

If done correctly, we will update the Google Sheet with your wallet address, BUSD contribution and xYSL allocation once we’ve confirmed your transaction.

That’s it!

📍 For clarity, the address above is the same address used for the sYSL to xYSL OTC Swap event. This is NOT a mistake.

Please remember to only send your BUSD to this address. Anyone contacting you and requesting that you send funds to any other wallet address is. a. scam!

But… How do I actually GET my xYSL

Good point! Once the ILO ends and xYSL has been listed on PancakeSwap you will be able to claim your xYSL from the YSL.IO platform. The xYSL claim process will be similar to previous airdrops, outlined here in this handy short guide complete with pictures!

2️⃣ Public Sale (10th Sept - 14th Sept)

The Public sale works very similarly to the Private Sale, but is geared towards smaller retail investors who believe in the potential of xYSL but lack the liquid funds to meet the Private Sales 4000 BUSD minimum requirement.

Aside from there being no minimum BUSD requirement for participating in the public sale, the process of participating in the public sale is identical to the private sale.

👉 Simply send the amount of BUSD you’d like to purchase xYSL (remember each xYSL is $40) with to the following wallet address:


Like the Private Sale, the Public Sale will have a short window of opportunity in which investors can participate. The event will run from the 10th of September 2021 (12am UTC) for 4 days till the 14th of September 2021 (12am UTC). Again, the public sale will operate on a first come first served basis until the maximum allocation of 20,000 xYSL has been completely sold.

Should the public sale end on the 14th of September 2021 without all 20,000 xYSL tokens sold to investors, the remaining tokens will be used for the ILO. In a scenario where the ILO proves less popular than we expected with investors outside the YSL.IO community, any remaining xYSL tokens post-ILO will be burnt.

With that said, it is our hope that all 20,000 xYSL tokens will sell out during the public and private sale phase or ILO. This ensures a healthy amount of liquidity in the xYSL-BUSD pool when it is first established on PancakeSwap!

👀 Benefits of Holding xYSL

As we’ve covered above, the xYSL community sale is an event that we’ve introduced based on feedback from members of the community interested in purchasing more than $4000 worth of xYSL or looking to guarantee a purchase of xYSL without having to worry about competition from other ILO participants.

xYSL must be an amazing token with a great future then! Should I consider getting some as well?”, some of our newer investors might be wondering. $4000 is not a small amount of money!

For the benefit of these new members who’ve just joined the YSL.IO family, it’s probably worth taking some time here to recap and go through a few reasons why you don’t want to miss out on adding some xYSL in your portfolio.

Supply of ONLY 80,000 tokens 🚀

xYSL is an x-tremely deflationary token with a maximum supply of 80,000 tokens. This is a far cry from the traditional deflationary token model in the market today that start with a max supply of 100 billion or a quadrillion tokens (look at SafeMoon!).

With supply dwindling every day due to the daily burns, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out just how valuable your xYSL bag will be in a years time.

Deflationary Mechanism INDEPENDENT of Trading Activity 📉

This is the unique twist of xYSL on deflationary tokens, and the magic ingredient that distinguishes it from other deflationary models in the market today.

Where projects like SafeMoon are heavily reliant on trading activity in order to generate fees that will be used to buy-back and burn tokens, xYSL was designed to function independent of market activity. This is accomplished by using the BUSD collected as fees from the optimisation tax to market buy and burn xYSL 🔥.

In this way, we can ensure that xYSL is bought and burnt every single day regardless of xYSL trading activity. This

  • Increases the liquidity of the xYSL-BUSD liquidity pool
  • Reduces the circulating supply of xYSL which increases the locked liquidity price of xYSL!

As an additional safeguard, this effectively means that it’s safe from swings in market sentiment. Bull market? Investors will provide liquidity in riskier LPs. Market takes a downturn into a bear market? Not a problem! Investors will shift their funds into stable-coin pairs. Either way, the vaults continue optimising and generating fees for the YSL.IO platform that will be used to burn xYSL. 💪

Trading Activity = More BURNS! 🔥

The deflationary mechanism doesn’t stop there. Every transaction involving the xYSL token will see investors charged a 12.5% fee, 40% of which is used to once again market buy and burn xYSL from the xYSL-BUSD liquidity pool.

Its deflationary nature and the transaction fee are the main reasons why investors are excited about the xYSL community sale event, as it is 1 of the only 3 one-off events that will allow the “purchasing” of xYSL without paying the fee (A large whale purchasing $40,000 worth of xYSL stands to save $5000!). Since xYSL can never be earned or farmed, all future acquisitions of xYSL will be subject to the 12.5% fee.

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are three infographics that elaborate what happens when users attempt to buy, sell or trade xYSL tokens.

Transactions involving xYSL

Stake to EARN Liquidity Mining Rewards 💰

Can you stake SafeMoon? Or is your bag just sitting there hoping for an appreciation in price so that you can sell it off. Well with the xYSL token, you’re not solely reliant on a movement in price due to Liquidity Mining Rewards.

Liquidity Mining Reward Split

Make your funds work for you by staking your xYSL or by providing xYSL-BUSD liquidity and staking the corresponding LP tokens in the corresponding xYSL vaults on YSL.IO for an additional source of income. The single staking xYSL vault is allocated 50 sYSL tokens every day to be shared amongst all participants, while the xYSL-BUSD vault receives 150 sYSL! 👀

As an additional benefit, any deposits into and withdrawals out of the xYSL vault and the xYSL-BUSD vault will be excluded from the 12.5% transaction fee*! Investors can freely stake their xYSL into the vaults and remove them at any time based on your strategy without constantly having to worry about the 12.5% fee.

📍 Do note that only unlocked xYSL tokens can be staked into the xYSL single staking vault or used to pair with BUSD to create xYSL-BUSD LP tokens for the xYSL-BUSD vault.

📍* In addition, while the action of depositing or withdrawing xYSL-BUSD LP tokens into or from the xYSL-BUSD vault on YSL.IO is free from the 12.5% transaction tax, the creation or breaking of the xYSL-BUSD LP tokens is still subject to the tax!

Ever-Increasing Liquidity 📈

This concept might be easiest to explain with an example. Let’s quickly first look at a BANANA-BUSD liquidity pool where we assume the following:

  • Pool has a total of 1000 BUSD and 1000 BANANA
  • Price: $1 per BANANA
  • Liquidity Value: $2000

📍 Remember that the price of BANANA is dependent on the ratio of tokens in the pool. Since there is 1000 BANANA and 1000 BUSD, that must mean that 1 BANANA = 1 BUSD = $1.

Someone comes along and buys $200 worth of BANANA. The pool is now made up of:

  • Pool has a total of 1200 BUSD and 800 BANANA
  • Price: $1.5 per BANANA
  • Liquidity Value: $2400

The liquidity has increased! This is because there is more BUSD and less BANANA in the pool now and therefore each BANANA is now worth more than it did before.

Now, because BANANA is an inflationary token, someone could earn and choose to sell 200 BANANA back into the pool for BUSD and this entire pool would just rebalance back to what it was originally. Liquidity would go back to $2000 and the price of BANANA would fall back to $1 since there is now once again 1000 BUSD and 1000 BANANA.

This is where xYSL has an advantage. Every single time a transaction is made, a 12.5% fee is taken off which 40% (5%) is used to market buy and burn xYSL. Its deflationary nature means that every single trade will see the total xYSL gradually decrease but the total BUSD increase, (because 5% of the xYSL is burnt and can never be put back into the pool) which as we’ve seen in the example above, leads to an ever-increasing amount of liquidity!

xYSL Airdrop Update 🚁

Since the last article where we covered how 20,000 xYSL will be airdropped to sYSL holders based on the amount of sYSL held during the snapshot, we’ve now confirmed that the sYSL snapshot will occur on the 15th of September at 12pm UTC.

All sYSL tokens locked and unlocked, including those paired with BUSD as LP tokens in the sYSL-BUSD liquidity pools on ApeSwap and PancakeSwap will be considered.

The only exclusions are the sYSL burn wallet (which holds sYSL sent for the xYSL community sale event) and the sYSL balances held in the 4 founder wallets:

Remember, there will be a 30 day claim period for sYSL holders to claim their xYSL once the airdrop is complete. We’ll be releasing another update once investors can start claiming their xYSL so stay tuned!

Closing Thoughts 💭

The xYSL community sale event is an attempt to ensure YSL.IO community members are given first priority when purchasing xYSL. While the private sale does cater for investors with a larger appetite, both the private and public sales ensure that participants will get a guaranteed xYSL allocation, without having to compete against “outside” communities like Unicrypts’.

Community feedback is something that we take very seriously and we hope that this has helped prove just how much we value your opinion. As usual, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the xYSL community sale event. Did you have any additional questions we haven’t covered in the article? Let us know in the comments below!

Signing off for now ✌🏻

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