Project Engagement 101

How to attract new users… and keep them!

Carter M
7 min readJan 28, 2022


This article was written for The Cronicle, a one stop shop for everything you need to stay updated in the CRO space.

So you’ve stumbled upon a solution to a problem in the market, maybe found a niche in the booming crypto scene. You have what it takes to actually build the product, but how will you get word of your project out there?

Or maybe you’re a little bit further along and your project has already completed its ICO. Investors were excited at the time but interest and engagement in your Telegram group has waned somewhat since then. It’s not your fault though! Building a reliable (and secure!) product doesn’t happen overnight, contrary to what most people believe.

If the above scenarios sound familiar, take heart that many a project go through the same growing pains. Marketing to onboard new users and user engagement to keep your existing community happy are essential components of any successful project. Fortunately for you, I’ve interviewed several big names within the crypto space and picked their brains on the best ways to do just that.

So, grab that cup of coffee and read on to find a few project agnostic activities that might just give your project the boost it needs… at least until you hire a full time marketing and community lead.

Giveaways & Lotteries

Let’s be frank. While some might be in it for the tech, the #1 motivation behind the majority of users in any crypto project is turning a profit. A common tactic is therefore to capitalize on this desire via giveaways and lotteries.

By assigning tasks where users stand a larger chance of winning a non insignificant amount of money for every additional task they complete, you essentially kill two birds with one stone. Not only are you keeping the existing user base happy with the chance of making a profit, you‘ve also temporarily gained a large and very motivated marketing team to help grow your audience.

As a bonus, activity in itself gives your project an air of trustworthiness. Many investors take into account the liveliness of a project’s social media channels when deciding whether or not to invest in a project. As a result, an active community is far more appealing to the new investor, regardless of whether or not the activity was spurred on by the chance of winning some free money.



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