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Freelance writer, member of the Kryptomon team, writer for the BSC Times and top writer on Medium in Finance

4 Upgrades to the YSL.IO ecosystem

Hello YSL.IO community 👋🏻

With the vaults having gone live on the 15th of September 2021, we’ve now had just over a month to monitor their performance and analyse how they match up against our initial estimates. While we have achieved much in our first month, seeing approximately $2.4m in…

xYSL contract audit successfully completed with flying colours!

Hello YSL.IO community 👋🏻

Here at YSL.IO, we take the safety and security of the funds you invest with us very seriously and our team of developers work tirelessly to ensure the code is up to par with industry standards 💯. …

Everything you need to know to participate in the xYSL ILO

Hello YSL.IO community 👋🏻

With the sYSL to xYSL swap, xYSL community sale and airdrop events now at an end, the upcoming Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) with Unicrypt is the final method for investors to “purchase” xYSL without incurring the 12.5% transaction fee💸.

The ILO began on the 6th of…

Everything you need to know about xYSL

xYSL is X-tremely DEFLATIONARY, with a MAX SUPPLY of 80,000 and a unique DAILY BUY & BURN mechanism that’s been CODED IN along with a 12.5% TRANSACTION FEE!

Buy xYSL here: PancakeSwap 🥞

Stake xYSL: YSL.IO 🚀

The event you can’t afford to miss

This article was written for the BSC Times, a one stop shop for everything you need to stay updated in the BSC space.

In my time as a writer in the crypto space, I’ve covered projects, NFTs, blockchain based games and even a how-to guide on buying your first BANANA…

This article was written for the BSC Times, a one stop shop for everything you need to stay updated in the BSC space.

Someone explain to me how the BOG team is still alive, because they can’t have gotten much sleep with all the hot new features they’re constantly pushing…

A look back at everything that’s happened in August!

This is likely how every recap is going to start but, What. A. Month!

It’s a popular saying that 3 days in the crypto space is a month in the real world. It certainly does feel that way when you stop and take a look back at all that’s been…

An opportunity for the YSL.IO community to purchase xYSL ahead of the ILO

Hello YSL.IO community 👋🏻

Since the announcement of our newest x-tremely deflationary xYSL token just under a week ago, we have received not only an amazing amount of feedback from the community, but also plenty of interest from investors looking to join the OTC Swap event and secure themselves some…

This article was written for BSC News, and can also be found here at this link.

SafeMoon move over! EverRise it’s time to take a backseat. …

The Busy Investors Guide to YSL, sYSL, xYSL & aYSL

BIG Part 5 – Our Four Tokens

Hello YSL.IO community, welcome back to Part 5 of the Busy Investors Guide, the fifth in a series of articles designed to dive into and explain how YSL.IO works in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out previous instalments of our Busy Investors Guide…

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